WALKING AND HIKING ON GRAN CANARIA. Gran Canaria is one of the 7 islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with some of the most spectacular scenery,whether its walking along its beaches, along the coastlines, across the famous sand dunes or over the magnificent panoramic mountains; there is a walk for the walker in you!
Millions of people come to Gran Canaria every year to do just this. Walking is all year round but the main season and the cooler months September through to May. Whenever you are out walking you must always remember plenty of bottled drinking water, sun hat, sunscreen, good comfortable footwear and your map/route information and remember the temperature can reach to the high 40s in the middle of the summer and at the highest peeks it can drop to 1 degree,so please be prepared, especially if you are being independent and unguided. Always have a mobile phone where possible and a contact number of a friend or emergency number just in case of an accident or you are just simply lost!!! Beach Walks.

Puerto Rico to Amadores.

If you fancy just topping up the tan and a walk with a sea view you can take a beach walk from Puerto Rico to Amadores beach, which is from Puerto Rico main shopping walking to Puerto Escala beach along the coastal path, cliff top walk way for around 30/40 mins and you can take in some of the stunning views across the ocean and even treat yourself to an ice cream half way on route.

You will arrive on Amadores beach which has a selection of bars,cafes,restaurants,shopping all the way around the beach,a great place to sit back and relax. Melonares Promenade. Moving along the coastline up to Melonares promenade, walking from the Lighthouse to Melonares beach again passing bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping areas, you have beautiful views across the ocean and coastline. Melonares is a 5 star resort with fantastic hotels and apartments. Maspalomas Beach to Playa del Ingles.

You can walk these in either direction and this is around 6 kms in length and is around 2hrs walking or you can stop and start at your own pace. San Augustin to Playa del Ingles. Again,you can walk this route in either direction walking along the beach front from Avenida de Tirijana in Playa del Ingles all the way along the beach to San Augustin, around 2hrs walking or at your own pace.

Sand Dunes of Maspalomas.

We would recommend to visit these magnificent  dunes is to walk right across them! It is around a 6km walk and early in the morning is the best time to visit as it is not too hot. Not recommended in July/August the hottest months and midday temperatures can reach 40 degrees. You must have bottled water, sunscreen, hat and good footwear and it is around a 1 and half hrs walk.

Mountain walks. Gran Canaria has some of the most amazing walks in Europe.We are a mini continent with different climates all over the island and the most spectacular scenery on quite a small island . The Germans and Scandinavians and the English are already enjoying the walking and the hiking routes available on this island. We have beginners  walking routes and for the advanced walker and fitter person we have some harder walking routes. All our routes are unguided, but we can arrange a guided walk if you prefer. TYPES OF WALKS - OUR GRADING. 1) Beach or coastal walking. 2) 2 Hour walk off road -downhill. 3) 3 Hour walk on a decent. 4) 3 Hour 30 mins walk 425 metres ascent. 5) 4 Hour walk 500 metres ascent. 6) 4 Hour average mountain walk 600 metres. 7) 5 Hours walk 700 metres ascent. 8) 6 Hours walk 700 metres ascent. 9) over 6 Hours walk 4,000 metres ascent These are guidelines without pit stops for drinks,wc etc. ALL WALKS ARE TAKEN AT YOUR OWN RISK,SOME DIRT TRACKS MAY HAVE CHANGED OR EVEN BECOME CONCRETED, REPAINTED A DIFFERENT COLOUR OR WE COULD HAVE HAD ROCK FALLS FROM BAD WEATHER, STREAMS THAT WERE NOT THEIR MAY NOW BE RUNNING WITH WATER! SO PLEASE BE AWARE. LIST OF WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU ON YOUR WALK.

After bite pen. Torch. Whistle. Energy Bars. Water. Compass. Mobile phone with a friends number to call in case of an emergency. Dwg map and a copy of the route.

EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDED. Good walking boots.(trainers are not recommended) Pole Waterproof Jacket just in case. Hat,Scarf,Gloves just in case.

SAFTEY AND TIPS. Remember day time walking- 6pm darkness. Plan your route. If you have not self hiked before maybe join a guided company first such a FREE MOTION or DISCOVERY GRAN CANARIA.

For WALKING Holiday Prices - Please contact us for our various package prices and further information.